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Public Comment Letter to The Charles County Planning Commission

Hello members and friends of MCC!

We need your support! Below is a letter that I would like you to read concerning the development of the MCC Indian Head. As a member or friend of MCC, your attention to this matter is urgent.

Sending this letter, will show your support of this project and compel the planning commission to grant our zoning request.

Please copy & paste the email drafted below to show your support! Send the email to the following email address:

Subject Line: Public Comment for ZTA 22-173

Please submit your email by 5pm on July 25, 2023.

With love,
First Lady Cheryl S. Robinson
Executive Pastor


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Commissioners of Charles County
200 Baltimore Street
LaPlata, MD  20646

Re: ZTA 22-173 Independent Living Senior Housing Complex – Public Comments

Dear Planning Commissioners of Charles County:

I fully support the Senior Housing Complex being proposed under ZTA 22-173. 

The focus on senior housing could not be more urgent.  The County’s 2018 report on affordable housing concluded, “Charles County will need 1,823 additional affordable housing units by the years 2025, or 228 units per year for each of the next eight years.”[1]  The county has not made any substantial progress to meet this dire need especially for the most vulnerable citizens of Charles County.

While the draft Bryans Road Sub-Area Plan is underway, I believe this plan offers a balanced framework for continued discussions to determine an appropriate level of development that can balance the desires and needs of the Bryans Road community.  This draft plan specifically states, “The recommended development envelope for South End consists of approximately 60 acres in three small pockets, although it is likely that only 40 acres could be built upon.  Along MD 210 just north of Laurel Road, it is recommended that a senior living community be permitted on approximately 20 acres of property owned by the Master’s Child Church (formerly St. Mary’s Star of the Sea).

The proposed site for this project will allow seniors access to many of the goods, services, and activities the residents will need in addition to the onsite resident services that will be available to them. This proximity is an important part of the proposed use and its intended location.  The land is already cleared and sits at the top tier of a linear wetland and is in the higher elevations of the WCD zone – no impact to any RPZ is being proposed under this ZTA. 

This project will be one step closer to narrowing the gap of the affordable housing shortage in the County.  Again, I fully support this project.
Thank you, 

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