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Below are the ministries we have at MCC, describing their involvement and the contact person you can reach for more information.
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We believe service in the house of God is very important.

We are an aggregate of Christians committed to providing quality sound throughout The Master’s Child Church. Our job is to ensure a smooth running service by being highly technically skilled engineers that are sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit and have the ability to flow with Him. Our purpose is to set the tone for the worship experience by ushering in the praise, worship, and the Word. From sound check to the close of service our only driving force is to ensure the ministry renders a more excellent gift to God.

The objective of this ministry is to instill biblically correct morals and values in our children that will be enhanced and enforced through full participation. Our purpose is to afford each child the opportunity to grow spiritually in a safe environment. We want to educate and empower our youth about the “Word of God” in a way that is interesting, understandable, enlightening and life-changing.

Through the ministry of dance we construct an atmosphere where the spirit of the Lord will meet us and dwell with us as we praise, worship and glory in His embrace. It is our responsibility in conjunction with the sign, music ministries and praise and worship teams to enhance the worship experience by moving in a manner simple enough so that the congregants will be moved to participate, and do the same. As dance ministers, we are the vessels that God uses to bring life to His word through movement, led by the Holy Spirit in order to educate, uplift and focus on the salvation of the Lord. Acts 17:28

Seeks to uplift and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ through dramatic presentations. As we produce our theatrical works, the focus is always geared toward winning souls for the Kingdom of God and encouraging the Body of Christ. We believe God has given us all a second chance to get our “act” together, and this theme is reflected in all of our productions. Our scripture reference is Acts 26:18 and we strive daily to achieve the goal stated therein: “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of satan unto God.”

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The Education Ministry is available to assist parents and students build their portfolio for scholarship applications. Such as; review and make suggestions for personal statements, resume vitae’, requesting letters of recommendation’s. We are attempting to serve as resources for the parent/students and are here to assist, please email us at with your request if you need assistance.

Retrieve education resources and scholarship applications for high school students in PG county.
Click Here to download Application

Greeters are positioned to warmly extend the hand of our living God, our Pastor and the Master’s Child Church family in welcoming and meeting the needs of every living soul that comes to worship with us. Our vision is to affect the quality and spirit of each worship service and other church events, through our ministering of hospitality.

The kitchen ministry was established to provide nutritional natural food in a spirit of excellence.  We plan, prepare, coordinate and serve during church services, weddings, funerals, and other special events to extend Christian hospitality through food and fellowship.

To help couples establish a Christian foundation for marriage and to empower couples for the ministry of marriage through seminars and workshops.

To win men for the Kingdom of God who are ready to fulfill their God-given responsibilities as a man of God through recognizing the value in themselves when they become a man or young man who value the principles of the Word of God.

Our mission is to provide and involve the membership of the Master’s Child Church in a meaningful worship experience through music. We are responsible for encouraging and evangelizing through music. It is our duty to create an atmosphere that is conducive for the spirit to freely move as the membership engages in worship. We are to offer up every musical talent and gift to God so that he can inhabit our praise. Our foremost goal is to serve our local church at all functions deemed necessary and to represent and carry out the visions of our Pastor.

The 5-Week Training & Development Classes are designed to spiritually develop and biblically empower every New Member of the Master’s Child Church for Christian growth. This a wonderful way for New Members to learn the biblical foundation, organizational structure, history of MCC and to make connections to while pointing them to the next step of the New Member’s journey at TMCC.

Mission: To provide nursing support services to the Pastor and MCC during services.

Our goal is to develop young disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ by teaching, practicing, and adhering to biblical principles. We perform Christian choreographed routines that cultivate discipline, patience and endurance. The Selah Steppers attend local, state and national events/competitions that give the youth ministry opportunities to grow organizationally, individually and spiritually.

A ministry that acts as a conduit for the fellowship of single Christian believers that’s able to identify, relate and understand your current status of singleness as it relates to your walk with God.

The Transportation Ministry offers assistance to members and non-members who desire to attend services at the Master’s Child Church.

To serve the body of Christ in the same spirit of excellence exemplified by our pastor, ensure every guest is privileged to worship in an atmosphere conducive to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and maintain an orderly church environment.

It is the Mission of the Women’s Ministry to further the common interests of the Women of local assembly. We endeavor to engage and lead the female population of our church into a deeper connection with God and each other. To that end, the female leadership has aligned in an effort to put together programs for the women that will promote and enhance spiritual and practical growth. We believe that God is calling us to work, serve and fellowship as a unified body; therefore, a deeper spirit of unity and teamwork among our sisterhood continues to be our goal.

We are committed to raise a generation of radical worshippers that will actively and aggressively pursue the presence and a relationship with God. We provide services that foster and promote the holistic development of persons between the ages of 2-17.